Saturday, 14 September 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Redeemer's Oath by John Burkhart


When a priest arrives to save Typhin's daughter from the plague, he believes his troubles to be over.

He's wrong.

They're just beginning.

* * *

Tourmaline is a paladin - a Redeemer, newly sworn to the Lady's service. She has been asked to assist the Fell Seeker Exock, a hunter of the dead that do not rest. Together with the reluctant rogue Slynx, they seek to find out who - or what - is mutilating bodies and breaking souls in the shadows of the Delverness forest.

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About the Author
While in the fourth grade, John Burkhart was subjected to a one two punch that would forever put him in the worlds of fantasy: Lord of the Rings and Knightmare.

Growing up with Dungeons and Dragons, he found himself writing sides stories on the plots. These blossomed into novellas.

It has finally come to this, John Burkhart's first novel in a unique fantasy world. Inspired equally by the Swedish movie: "Let the Right One In", and Forgotten Realms style fantasy, Redeemer's Oath asks both: What would you do to protect the one you love? and What would you do to stop someone from going to far?

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