Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Book Spotlight ~ DEJA VU - D.J Starling


They each sense a powerful connection at their first meeting, but no one could have ever imagined the incredible scenario about to unfold, forever altering the lives of all involved. DEANNA has a new business venture that takes priority over romance, yet she longs to meet her Mr. Right. At the same time, she’s being haunted by a recurring nightmare, relentless in its tormenting attacks until desperation leads her to a dark and dangerous world. JOSH is at the pinnacle of a demanding career, with everything he worked for finally coming together, when he begins to yearn for the serious relationship his cherished grandmother, ANNA, insists he needs. Neither could have ever suspected that a vintage keepsake would clear the path to true love. FAITH is Deanna’s closest friend, her greatest ally through the best and worst of times, she believes she could supply an antidote for the horrifying dreams that are threatening her friend’s well-being. If only Deanna would let her. RIVKA and DAVID are fortified by young love, emboldened by circumstances as they stand strong against a ruthless enemy in a grueling fight for their lives.

Genre: General Fiction

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About the Author
Was it coincidence or was it fate? They’re still not sure themselves, but whatever you call it, Donna Joyce and Marsha Fischer are glad something brought them together in a writer’s workshop. Eventually becoming coauthors, writing under the penname D.J. Starling, they rely on each other’s unique strengths, as well as distinctive personalities to make their productive partnership work. As a result, they’ve blended their literary voices to bring engaging characters to life in compelling stories that will have readers weighing the differences between coincidence and fate when considering the people who fill their lives.


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