Saturday, 7 September 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Death of a Socialite - Isabel Saenz


One night can change everything…

Dianne Sincili knew that beginning her second year at Miriam University would be rough, but she could not foresee the events to come. 

After stumbling upon a sight she was never meant to lay eyes on, Dianne now finds herself stuck in St. Julieta’s Hospital for the Mentally Reserved. As she tries to reason with not only herself, but the circumstances that put her in this situation, she places the blame on two of her former friends turned enemies. Devin Alexander, her ex-boyfriend, and Vicente Bynum, his roommate, fall upon the backing of Chi Psi, The Fraternity that seeks to control all aspects of life at Miriam. Due to their methods, Dianne’s credibility and reputation have been ruined. But when the Brotherhood threatens her sanity, she promises not to back down. 

When the death of a fellow St. Julieta’s resident forces Dianne to put her theories concerning the Brotherhood to the test, she must venture, not only into the ghost of her past, but also consider the turbulent stories of the other residents. More than her own life is held in the balance as similarities in stories of the residents come to light. Friendships, loyalties, and love hangs in the balance as Dianne ventures into an abyss without the guarantee that she will ever see the freedom she desperately craves again.

Genre: Thriller/Paranormal/Chick Lit

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About the Author
Isabel Saenz is a recent college graduate from McMurry University in Abilene, Texas. During her undergraduate career, she participated in numerous extracurricular activities including involvement in a women’s social club. Her far-reaching imagination allowed her to take up writing as a means of releasing negative energy and stress relief. She finds inspiration in the most unlikely of places. While Death of a Socialite is her first novel, she has also penned numerous stories under the Fiction Press pseudonym of LuckyLady’10. Currently, she manages a blog entitled Grad Angst, which is aimed to provide a forum for recent college graduates to adjust to post-graduate life. She is now a graduate student with a focus of International Relations at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. She lives in New Braunfels, TX with her family, two dogs, disobedient rabbit, and an escape artist turtle.

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