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Order of the Dimensions - Irene Helenowski

Order of the DimensionsDescription
When Jane Kremowski first began her graduate studies in physics at Madison State University in Wisconsin, little did she know where her work would take her. Now, she is embroiled in a multitude of dimensions all leading to different outcomes. She and her colleagues therefore must act wisely in order to take and keep away the Order of Dimension from falling into the wrong hands for the sake of her loved ones.

My Opinion
The idea of travelling around dimensions caught my attention with this book and I thought it could be a really interesting concept that could explore many possibilities and events. The idea that people live different lives in alternative dimensions with varying degrees of happiness and problems is not a new concept to me, however I have never read a book that involved this so I was keen to see how Helenowski developed the story.

However I must admit that this book was pretty disappointing and nothing like I imagined it to be. For me I had no connection with the characters as the book lacked in detail in many ways. We find out that Jane's parents die in a car crash which leaves Tina traumatized in one dimension but that's about as much detail we gain into a character's life. In the first few pages I was introduced to atleast 10 characters and none had a background which increasingly confused me as they were introduced. 

The book also lacked detail in the description with Helenowski choosing to 'tell' the audience what was happening rather than 'showing' them. When reading a book I love to be able to create the world in my mind and sadly I was not able to do this with Order of the Dimensions. I couldn't picture the surroundings, e.g we were told Jane had weird feelings, was at a market, or it was a historic building but that was it, nothing was said about what kind of feelings Jane was having, where it was or how it felt. Because of this the book did not sustain my interest very well and I found myself easily distracted as I couldn't get immersed in a new world.

The plot line was pretty simple didn't have much depth, with the same event happening over and over again and even though it made things easy to understand it was  little repetitive. Every time some action started Jane would end up travelling into another dimension where everything would repeat itself. Besides this there were frequent grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes which made the writing a struggle to read and it seems the book needs to go through another round of editing.

Overall this book has the potential to be an interesting concept with new and original ideas, however at the moment, for me it is underdeveloped and lacking in detail. I would have liked to read more description, back story, romance and information about the places they visited as I'm not sure where some bits took part. I'm sad to say I didn't really enjoy this book as I don't think it met its full potential.


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  1. Thank you for your review, Sienna. I am so sorry that you found my first book disappointing. I am now working on my sequel which includes more character development and backround.

    With this book, I wanted to include a message of social justice as well as how one must be careful in not letting science and technology impede on such justice and I am quite discouraged to learn that this message has been lost on a reader such as yourself.

    Best regards.
    Irene Helenowski


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