Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Reviews - Clearing Things Up

Just a note to all authors and to clear some things up about my reviews as after having a few bad experiences and accusations I thought I would make this clear for future reference.
1. My reviews give my HONEST opinion. If I didn't like something I will say so but I will try and be as constructive as possible. I know the work that goes into writing a book and how attached you get to your product by the end so I try not to just slate a book but if I didn't like it I won't lie.
2. I will NEVER copy other people's review. If there are points (good or bad) that link between my review and another person's then it is because others have found they liked or disliked the same things in the book. It does not mean I have just picked certain things out of their review and used it in my own. I spend a lot time reading the books you send me and then even more time writing the review so it make no sense for me to copy someone else review as it would just be a waste of my time, as well as unfair to you.
3. If I do give a negative review and I haven't mentioned as many strengths other reviews have, that is probably because I disagreed with those strength or didn't find them when reading it. It does not mean I have just copied the negative points out of other reviews to spite the author (I am not in this to be mean or discourage, I just give my honest opinion).
4. If you don't get the review you hope for I'm sorry but I have just stated my own opinion and experiences of reading your work. Other's may or may not share that opinion but that does not mean my review is untrue for me, even if you disagree with the points I have made. Others may have rated your book 4/5stars but that does not guarantee I will feel the same way. In all honesty it doesn't bother me what other people have rated your work, I will make my own judgement and my review will be based on that and that alone.

5. I will never write a review when I am having a bad day (unless I really enjoyed the book as that probably makes my day better). If I didn't like your book I will at least leave it a night before I write a review for me to gather my thoughts so personal experiences do not influence it.
6. I will not argue with authors about a review and trying to do so will only get you added to my blocked contacts. I will gladly explain points I have made further via email etc if there was something you didn't understand or just want more detail on but I will not change my reviews because you are unhappy with what I have said. My reviews are my opinion and it will stand unless I have written something factually untrue.
7. Finally I don't give negative reviews just to be mean or look 'big' as I have given low ratings out, I would rather write a positive review of every book I read. However if for some reason I find myself writing a negative review about your book then that's because it was how it made me feel. I try to just pick out the main points I had most problems with in a negative review rather than rant. 

I hope that clears some things up and more information can be found on my review policy page.

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