Monday, 29 August 2016

Review ~ Fight for Me by Jessica Linden

Fight for Me
eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: August 30th 2016

Publisher: Swerve

Raised in the streets, Knox is a battle-worn MMA fighter with no past, present, or future. Fighting every day just to survive, Knox owns nothing but the pride in his victories and the scars on his hands. When his control snaps and he must flee the city to keep his life, he runs into a stunning woman with the same intent. All big eyes and delicate features, she's not cut out to survive on her own. And when finding her own inner strength leads to a shocking act of violence, Knox knows he must protect her at all costs...

Natalie couldn't spend another day under her father's lock and key. Raised to be the perfect picture of wealth and sophistication, she detests the dark, ugly side of her father's greed. Refusing to be held captive by her life a moment longer, she escapes his fortress - and runs right into the arms of the strongest, most dangerous, most desirable man she's ever met. As instant attraction leads to explosive passion, Natalie finds she cannot leave his side. But as their pursuers loom closer and threaten to tear them apart, Natalie and Knox have to decide: is it easier to stand apart? Or is a love this strong worth the fight?

My Opinion

This read surprised me. I received an ARC awhile ago but I was waiting for the release date to be closer so I'd forgotten what it was about. All I could remember is there was a fighter element.

The start of this book captured my interest with Natalie trying to escape her own house. It posed a lot of questions and made me want to read on. It started off a gritty read and I love those kids of books.

For the majority of the plot this book was well paced and the story line evolved well. I liked reading about Knox and Natalie on the run. That whole side of things were interesting and kept me hooked. My only issue came with the romance. I think it developed too quickly. They kissed almost as soon as they met, and for me, I thought the author could have dragged out the spark and sexual tension a lot more on the run until the point they couldn't resist each other any more. I don't know ... For me, it just had a lot more potential in the romance. I didn't believe in the emotions really since it all happened so quickly.

Overall, this was a good read. It held my interest well and I liked the grungy feel.


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