Sunday, 28 August 2016

Review ~ Catch My Fall (Catch, #1) by Ella Fox

Catch My Fall (Catch, #1)
ebook received from author in a giveaway.

Release Date: October 10th 2013

Publisher: Self-published

Mia Reeves faith, trust and sense of security were all taken away in the blink of an eye. In need of a fresh start, she settles into a new town and begins to make a new life. 

Tristan Chamberlain has always kept girls at arm's length and he has no intention of changing. He’s caring, smart, handsome, but he’s also dealing with a lifetime of guilt that’s slowly but surely destroying him.

Sometimes what you run from is the one thing that will save you.

Separately, they’re both free-falling. Together, they’re about to find that love can create the strongest safety net of all.

My Opinion

A surprisingly sweet romance with a touch of heartbreaking emotion.

Catch My Fall is a the first book I've read by Ella Fox. I didn't know what to expect, but I found it hard to put this book down. The romance was sweet and endearing. Tristan and Mia had their little quirks and they weren't the generic couple with what they did together. The secondary characters were also well developed and I look forward to Trace and Darby's story.

As for the plot, it was simple and flowed well. While sometimes I would have liked to have seen more  of a slow change in Tristan, I did believe in his emotions. I liked how their stories were all similar so that the book linked in theme, and it kept me engaged.

Overall, I'm looking forward to book 2.


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