Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Book Spotlight ~ The Lush Long Hair Care Guide by Allison Tyson


The Lush Long Hair Care Guide: Over 50 Tips and Ideas to Longer, Healthier Hair
The Lush Long Hair Care Guide, is an easy to read, intensively researched, busting at the seems hair care guide containing over 50 inexpensive ideas, tips and techniques to help you grow longer, stronger, healthier hair.

Combining a unique blend of natural remedies, scientific research and personal experience, The Lush Long Hair Care Guide provides the answers to overcoming slow growth, thinning hair and reducing damage that leads to dry, brittle hair that won't grow. Rid yourself of the obstacles that are stopping you from having the beautiful, luscious locks you deserve. Learn how to stop excessive shedding and extend the growth phase of your hair. YES YOU CAN have Lush Long Hair starting today.

Genre: Nonfiction

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About the Author
Happily married mother of two children, crafter, writer, former swim instructor and tour sales representative living in Northern Queensland, Australia. I have a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Marketing, and have travelled extensively all over the globe. I LOVE to watch movies, garden, swim, and most of all I relish sleeping in on a lazy weekend with a good book. 

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