Sunday, 11 December 2016

Review ~ Catching Fox by Aimee McNeil

Catching Fox
ebook downloaded via Amazon for free.

Release Date: December 22nd 2015

Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC

A chance meeting between two young souls is all it took...

When Adalynne Fairweather was just a child, her entire life had already been planned. From Ivy League schools to a career in law, adventure was the one thing out of her reach. That was until a boy with bright green eyes and a monster truck t-shirt wandered into her back yard, giving the adventure she longed for. 

Refuge can be found in the most unlikely places…

Damon Knight’s abusive home life left him longing for a childhood he never had—until he wandered into Adalynne’s yard. She took his hand, smiled at him, and even gave him a nickname. Fox. The woods became their escape—a place to flee from reality. He discovered music through Adalynne’s piano, and not long after that, she gave him a guitar. Little did he know that gift would change his life forever.

Years later, their age is not the only thing that’s changed...

Adalynne’s love for Fox took on a life of its own. As they begin to build their lives, her heart aches for him in ways she can’t understand. As they slowly begin to drift apart, Adalynne becomes more desperate to cling to their secret romance. 

But Fox is no longer the bright-eyed child from the woods. Her shy, beautiful Fox has grown into a dark, troubled man with a guitar. And when her last attempt to salvage their relationship breaks Adalynne’s heart, catching Fox a second time seems just out of her reach.

My Opinion

I've had this book on my kindle for a while. It's been one of the free amazon downloads that I've been meaning to read for ages but haven't got round to. Well, I finally made time since I've cleared my ARC pile and it didn't disappoint.

I didn't expect this book to hook me the way it did. I've seen mixed reviews about it so I wasn't sure which way things would go for me. However, I really enjoyed Fox and Bee's story, and found it hard to put down.

Catching Fox is a story of unrequited love. I felt for Bee due to the way Fox treated her, but I could also feel the connection that formed from them being friends at such a young age. Those kinds of bond are hard to break, which was evident in their later years as they come back into contact. The only problem is Fox doesn't believe he's good enough.

A lot happens in this book. There are a few twists that surprised me and kept things interesting. While I wouldn't label it a romantic suspense, it was definitely an intriguing book. It downplayed the rocker side of things a lot which was a surprise--a good one. It made a nice chance not to have the usual rocker stereotypes filling up pages. The book stayed about Fox and Bee, not Fox's lifestyle.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. I'd definitely recommend reading it.


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