Thursday, 3 November 2016

Review ~ Dirty Dom (Valetti Crime Family #1) by Willow Winters

Dirty Dom (Valetti Crime Family #1)
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: May 28th 2016

Publisher: Self-published

Dominic Valetti is only interested in two things: getting paid and getting laid. 

He’s a bookie for the Valetti crime family, and he knows his sh*t. Dom’s busy doing business, no time to dabble in social niceties. The women that chase after him wanting more than a dirty, hard f*ck are only gonna get their hearts broken. 

That is, until Becca stumbles into his office to pay off her ex’s debt. A hot brunette who’s just as guarded as he is and has a body made for sin… and for him. They’re not meant to be together. A woman like her shouldn’t be with a man like him. He’s mobbed up; she’s a good girl who deserves better. 

When they push their boundaries and cave to temptation, they both forget about the danger. And that’s a mistake a man like Dom can’t afford. Will Dirty Dom risk it all to keep Becca safe, or will he live up to his name?

My Opinion

Dirty Dom was a quick read. I'm not sure I bought into it due to the speed at which things happened, but it kept me engaged. It was a dark, gritty mob read with some heat. Since it's short it leaves little room for development with the plot.,however, I think in general it was okay.

Overall, it's not the best mafia romance I've read. However, I've also read a lot worse. For a quick read it had a little of everything and I can't complain when it was free. 


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