Thursday, 8 September 2016

Review ~ On Dry Land (Swimming Upstream, #3) by Rebecca Barber

On Dry Land
ebook downloaded for free via Amazon.

Release Date: June 2016

Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC

Tyler Andrews, Olympic swimming superstar, has always gotten his way—until he falls in love.

Living in the spotlight was just part of Tyler’s life. Magazines, paparazzi, and being the topic of every sports radio show in Australia…it was either adjust or be driven insane. He’d gotten used to his fame. Hell, he even enjoyed it. But there is one thing he can’t get used to—his girlfriend, Ava Jacobs, hates being the center of the public’s attention.

Ava has lived her life in the shadows—and that’s exactly how she likes it.

But after fulfilling her lifelong dream to have her debut novel published, her world is turned on its head by Tyler’s fame. She writes novels for a reason—it’s a quiet, peaceful profession. The last thing she wants is to be thrown into the spotlight. 

Love and life don’t always fit as well as fame and fortune.

Frustrated by Ava’s continuous reluctance to publicly embrace their relationship, Tyler takes every opportunity to make his own declarations—social media posts, visiting her at work, and even crashing her first television promotional appearance, which she grudgingly accepted as part of her publishing deal.

So when something changes and Tyler abruptly pulls away, Ava knows something is terribly wrong.

With Olympic selection looming, Ava’s publisher eagerly awaiting a sequel to her hit novel, and day-to-day life taking a toll, Tyler starts to see that life is much easier in the pool than… 

On Dry Land.

My Opinion

Having read all three books now, I honestly don't understand the point of book one. For me, it's disappointing the series has been set up this way because James and Anna can never feature again, which means book one is still left with unresolved issues.

As for this book, I kind of felt it was just going through the motions. Personally, I liked James and Anna better and thought they had more chemistry than Tyler and Ava. I wish the author had stuck with their romance than invented two new characters. I found it hard to connect with Tyler and Ava. They just didn't hold t attention as well.

With regards to the plot, like I said, it was okay. However, it didn't feel like there was much to it. It was predictable and felt like the author just threw in every romance stereotype to create a book. From the constant break-ups to make-ups, to other issues I won't divulge so as not to ruin the plot, things didn't make sense to me. There were no explanations and Ava's constant instant forgiveness made her seem weak. I lost interest in her because she refused to stand up for herself. I also still have no idea where all of her issues come from.

Overall, for me this book was only okay. I felt it didn't really add much to the series and was filled with too many stereotypes without much originality. There were also way too many exclamation marks. Book 1 is still the best in my opinion, but I can't complain too much since I managed to catch all 3 books on free day sales.


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