Friday, 22 November 2013


OK, so I am getting an increasing number of requests from authors/publicists on a daily basis who have clearly never read my policy - that is if they have even visited my site to begin with. I want to make this clear: if you send a request that does not match my guidelines you will receive a standard email with an automatic 'decline to review.' It may also sound quite frustrated because that's how I'm feeling right now. I woke up this morning with 20 requests and only 1 matched my policy. 

If you are asking me for a favour the least you can do is read and send everything I ask for in my policy and address the email to me! Sienna doesn't take long to type and trust me you will get a better response. My guidelines aren't that hard to follow either, it's just general information you you be sending out in your query anyway. It's stuff I need to make a decision.

One thing you should always include when contacting bloggers is the description! How am I meant to decide if I don't know what your book is about? Leaving a link is just lazy and I refuse to follow them unless all information is provided. I have a life you know. I don't get paid to review your book, I do it out of a love of reading.

Please remember that when sending me a request. It is a favour you're asking and I am under no obligation to accept. 

Want the best response? Read my policy and stick to it!

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