Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Review ~ Before He Was A Secret (Starstruck #3) by Becky Wicks

Before He Was A Secret (Starstruck #3)ebook received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: February 24th 2015

“What if we can’t choose
Every battle we win and lose
What if we decided years before, to live this life, to fight these wars
And all the dreams we ever thought were ours
Were written in the stars”

Waiting tables isn't exactly what singer/songwriter Stephanie has in mind for her move to Nashville, but memories of the past and a case of writer’s block mean inspiration isn’t coming easy. When brooding pianist Conor Judge opens his mouth in a smoky bar he proves music can heal, and even help you re-write your story, but a history of his own means the one thing he starts to want most is always just out of reach. Stephanie. 

Enter Travis Flynn - an upcoming star who won’t take no for an answer, and a record label intent on helping Stephanie shine, without Conor. As fame comes knocking as hard as the ghosts of their pasts, it soon becomes clear that no matter how hard you might fall in love, having the perfect songs doesn’t always mean perfect harmony.

My Opinion

I was intrigued to read this book after reading the second in the series last year. Whilst I did have my problems with that book (cute animal killing :-( ), I liked the author's style and I wanted to read a book she promised had no killing in.

Before He Was A Secret was a laid back read. It had a good cast of characters who were likeable and they had a good amount of growth. The music side of things were well developed and I felt the setting was created so that it felt believable. All I know about Nashville is what's on the TV program and whilst this was similar in some ways, I enjoyed the story in book form.

Moreover, I liked the relationship. I think Conor grew well with Stephanie's help as he moved away from the life he's known. I think he was already doing it himself, but they managed to encourage each other and grow their career. It was a sweet romance and relationship that keeps you happy.

The only negative is I didn't feel the pacing was as good as the second book. Before He Was A Secret lost my attention around the three quarter mark. The progressions seemed to drag on and the story line was slightly predictable. Thankfully things do pick back up, and I'm glad I knew this author's previous work to keep me stuck with it.

Overall, this was a cute read. It feels realistic and is probably one of the more believable romances I've read so far this year in terms of setting and time scale. It was enjoyable for most part and I like the author's laid back style.


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